Employee engagement like never before.

What if every one of your employees was 10% more engaged? At Paradigm Shift, everything we do revolves around developing healthy, dynamic people through professional leadership training. Healthy, dynamic people make great leaders, don’t they? We give your team the tools to strengthen emotional intelligence, and the result is strong relationships and maximum productivity.

What if

every employee?

Took personal responsibility? Made better decisions? Knew how to resolve conflict peacefully? Communicated clearly? Gained the trust of their employees and coworkers? Was 10% more engaged?

What would

it take?

For your team to grow in these areas? Responsibility. Decision Making. Communication. Credibility.
Paradigm Shift’s diverse team of speakers and facilitators deliver customized leadership training and development for events and organizations of all sizes. Knowing that people are your greatest asset, we use adult learning and adventure-based (you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself) learning models to ensure that ownership occurs at every level of your organization.

Process, Offerings
& Outcomes

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Our Professional Leadership Offerings



Whether it’s a dynamic opening or closing for your large employee event with hundreds of attendees, or a monthly organizational meeting that needs a little something extra, Paradigm Shift offers a dynamic roster of keynote speakers who cover a wide range of topics. Your success is our success, so we customize speakers and content that are relevant and inspiring to your audience.



Paradigm Shift facilitators are never boring. We know that busy, productive adults must apply their learned knowledge in the moment, so we offer many hands-on opportunities and time for reflection, collaboration and application within our workshops. Each workshop is custom made and tailored to meet the specific goals of each client. No bland, mass-produced materials here!



Your organization would be more effective if team members were more engaged. The Leadership Cohort Model brings employees of all levels together  to learn and build camaraderie. Monthly cohorts include: ½ day workshops with a different topic each session; participant survey feedback provided to cohort administrators; and monthly mentoring sessions for cohort administrators.

We create leadership workshops that will empower your organization.

Paradigm Shift is excited to offer 6-12 sessions of professional leadership training for your organization. Our session topics will positively impact your organization and team! Want to create an empowering workplace? Here's how!

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your team level up.

Workshops For professionals

Dynamic, Experiential, Transformative

We offer an extensive array of workshops designed to fit the needs of your business. To see our full selection, please view our catalogue, or you can read summaries of our core competencies below.

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Professional Testimonials

Our Clients


We exist to serve the vision of our clients.

Here's what our clients are saying.

"I highly support Paradigm Shift’s content work, their team, and their program structure. It is amazing, hands on, and the weekly interactions have highly impacted our ability to make real world changes in our daily environment."
Micael Jeffries
Executive Director of Hotel Operations (Chumash Casino Resort)
"I would like to say that I have been to many, many of these types of trainings as I was a police officer for over 30 years and hold degrees in Psy/Soc Sci. I was skeptical going into this however this one was very unique and engaging like none other. Paradigm Shift should be proud of the program they have put together!"
Spokane Tribal Enterprises

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