Leadership Cohort Workshops

Creating Positive Change

Paradigm Shift is helping every individual unlock their leadership potential with our specially crafted Leadership Cohort program. Cohort sessions occur once a month at 6-month intervals. Leadership Cohorts are designed to build connection, increase trust, and untap hidden potential within your organization. These sessions bring your team members together for monthly workshops that are one part learning and one part camaraderie.

Session Topics

Each session will allow your organization to build connections and increase productivity.

Session 1: Four Keys to Radical Success

Leadership is mainly subjective. In this workshop, we lay the foundation of the large-scale pieces for which a leader is responsible and how to use those to drive radical team success.

Session 4: Culture

Leaders drive Culture. Culture drives results. We discover what it means to create culture, how to identify positive and negative cultural traits, and how to unleash powerful growth through culture sustainability.

Session 2: Connection

Leadership is influence. Influence is built on connection. We teach leaders how to connect with anyone and everyone on their team.

Session 5: Change Management

Change will happen. Good leaders navigate it well. Great leaders anticipate it and shape it.

Session 3: Commitment

Loyalty is overrated. Engagement wins. In this workshop, participants discover how commitment to connection, personal development, and the organization's mission can yield incredible results.

Session 6: Communication

The hidden fifth key to success is communication. With every endeavor, communication is inevitable. Every successful leader has to have the ability to articulate a vision, drive production, and navigate conflict.
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