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May 18 - August 7


Create a summer experience your students will always remember! Paradigm Shift offers summer camps that are perfect for TRIO and GEAR UP programs, as well as students in the tribal sector.


Here's what clients are saying

"Our Talent Search students thoroughly enjoyed the facilitator’s presentations and activities! Our students were both engaged and intrigued by them, and they enjoyed learning from them. Thank you for your time and effort they put into working without students."
San Jacinto College
"The facilitators were wonderful and always on time and giving the students the required attention and motivation.They interacted well with the students and encouraged them so much. They brought so many of my shy students out of their shells."
"There are so many things that our facilitators did well, they brought so much energy to the group, they were able to help draw kids out that were having trouble participating, and they adjusted the second part of our week because we didn't have as many show up and they made it even better than the 2 days previous."
Mica Hess
Neosho County TS
"Camp was just the BEST!!! I wish you could have seen my kiddos and heard the laughter. Your crew did phenomenal!"
Mrs. LLoyd
Talihina (Choctaw Nation RISE Program)
"The facilitation team was absolutely amazing. The facilitators brought enthusiasm, encouragement, and responsiveness to the event. Their interaction with the students was inclusive and encouraging, they made themselves available to student questions, encouraged the students to reach higher, and exhibited a positive role model for the students. A huge THANK YOU to this amazing team!"
Berea College
"Appreciate all of PS team! Thanks for being easy to work with and for accepting feedback when needed and for your true commitment to TRIO - we see you and we appreciate you!"
University of Kansas TRIO
“The facilitators were AMAZING! They all completely exceeded my expectations. They were awesome at making sure everyone was involved, especially the kids I would consider to have some difficulty with group/social events. They were engaging, fun, caring, and consistent. Both were amazing leaders, and really good at connecting with the students on a personal level. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this group of people.”
Washington State Community College
"We LOVED camp! I saw a positive transformation in the students. The students enjoyed it, asked us to do it again next year. The parents noticed, the kids want you back! One of the students wants to come work for you when he graduates"
Candi Thornton
"The students had a blast with the Paradigm Shift reps you sent. I heard only positive feedback. Without being prompted, many have been vocal about their experience. The facilitators have made it a point to know the students' names and engage with them as they are in between classes. The students are constantly laughing and as far as myself and the other coordinators can see, the students are engaged the entire class time."
Grace Njoroge
"The camp was great!!! I honestly did not expect it to run as it did so it was a surprise for me at the beginning. I enjoyed how the activities had lessons built into them allowing the students to learn and play at the same time. Your coordinators were amazing!!! I also like how they paced the activities along with moments for the students to ask questions. The coordinators kept expressing how they are a resource to the kids and made them feel comfortable in inquiring. They were flexible with their programming, patient and very engaging."
Crystal Watts
"I highly support Paradigm Shift’s content work, their team, and their program structure. It is amazing, hands on, and the weekly interactions have highly impacted our ability to make real world changes in our daily environment."
Micael Jeffries
Executive Director of Hotel Operations (Chumash Casino Resort)
"I would like to say that I have been to many, many of these types of trainings as I was a police officer for over 30 years and hold degrees in Psy/Soc Sci. I was skeptical going into this however this one was very unique and engaging like none other. Paradigm Shift should be proud of the program they have put together!"
Spokane Tribal Enterprises

The Good Leader Podcast

As leaders, it’s so easy for us to get caught up in tasks, strategies, & our to-do’s. How do we lead at a high level, get incredible results, while still taking care of our people? Well… Welcome to the Good Leader Podcast!

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GOAT is a dynamic 36-session student curriculum divided into nine comprehensive learning sections. It covers essential 21st-century skills, wellness, money management, college readiness, teamwork, career planning, leadership, academic achievement, and social-emotional learning. Through engaging activities, worksheets, audio articles, and interactive slides, it equips students with the vital tools for success in a fun and enriching manner.


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