PS Summer Camps

Tailored summer camps to build the leaders of tomorrow.

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  • 2 Days of Summer Programming
  • Multiple Facilitators
  • Interactive Activities
  • Breakout Sessions Available
  • Small-Group Discussions


  • 3-4 days of summer camp programming
  • All Basic Offerings
  • Daily Prizes for Students: 3 $10 Amazon Gift Cards/day
  • Digital Certificate of Completion for Every Student
  • Marketing & Promotional Resources: Parent Video, Client Video, Summer Promo, Editable Flyer, How to Adobe Video
  • Features a limited edition content day - "Leadership 101"
  • Content workbook for each student participant
  • 1 topic of choice per day (topics listed below)


  • 5+ days of summer camp programming
  • All Basic Offerings
  • All Deluxe Offerings
  • Student Completion Physical Pack: Shift 7 Book, T-Shirt, Inspirational Stickers (2), QR Code for Easy Digital Pack
  • Student Completion Digital Pack: Shift 7 Audiobook, Shift 7 E-Book, 2023 PS Summer Playlist, Phone & Laptop Backgrounds

We're here to help
your team level up.

Choose Your Topics

Each camp day aligns with one topic of your choice. Choose the desired topic for each planned day of camp.

Personal Inventory

  • Developing personal mission, vision, and values that lead to growth and success.
  • Setting and achieving goals on time. 
  • Defining personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. 
  • Building self-efficacy.

Social-Emotional Learning

  • Developing and increasing emotional intelligence.
  • Developing our inner circle and great friendships.
  • How we build trust with those around us and understand how our actions affect others.

Study Skills

  • How to manage and prioritize time in order to achieve good grades and healthy study habits.
  • Developing a personal preference environment for maximum student efficiency.
  • How delayed gratification can be used to achieve academic excellence.

Navigating Change

  • How to see personal change without forsaking the current good.
  • Observing what changes are necessary and implementing stress reduction tactics.
  • Cultivating urgency to take action today and defeat procrastination.

Career Prep

  • Standing out with soft skills that will impress any employer. 
  • How to find the career you’ve always dreamed of and discover your passion. 
  • Gaining knowledge of job opportunities and preparing for those that don’t exist yet. 


  • Dedicated time to having FUN! 
  • Awarding student efforts and participation.
  • Developing connections with other students and staff. 
  • Celebrating student success!

Financial Literacy

  • Knowing the financial jargon needed for financial recognition. 
  • Navigating the FAFSA and how to budget. 
  • Covering every resource that is given to aid student degrees.

College Prep

  • How students can find the right post-secondary education option. 
  • The importance of preparing and transitioning to college with proper steps.
  • Getting a head start on degree planning. 

21st Century Skills

  • The dos and don’ts of communication and problem solving. 
  • The purpose of innovation and creative solutions in the 21st century. 
  • How to use social media for positive self-expression and impact.

Personal Leadership

  • How to take personal responsibility that leads to personal success. 
  • Increasing our leadership capabilities and capacities.
  • Being aware enough to recognize needs and diligent enough to provide solutions.
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