GEAR UP Summer Camps
May 18 - August 7

Are you ready for an unforgettable summer filled with learning, exploration, and fun? Look no further than GEAR UP Summer Camps at Paradigm Shift! Our exclusive program is designed specifically for GEAR UP clients, offering a unique opportunity for students to engage, grow, and thrive.



  • Up to 10 days of programming
  • 3 hour or 6 hours blocks per day of programming
  • Workbooks and digital marketing materials included (One workbook per student)
  • Digital swag, gift card and a t-shirt for every student
  • 100% match

Summer Camp Topics

Choose your topic for each planned day of camp! Not sure where to start? Let us help!
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Empower For Employment

  • Discover interests and strengths for potential career paths 
  • Understand and apply ways to increase hireability
  • Prioritize career anchors to find meaningful work

Destination Degree

  • Create a path to higher education
  • Learn to overcome obstacles along the way
  • Develop actions steps to take today

Wellness Inventory

  • Improve self-care rhythms to promote wellness 
  • Find ways to “shine your light”
  • Take inventory of various personal health aspects

Dollars and Sense

  • Learn financial terminology while having fun
  • Understand strategies to generate savings and long-term wealth
  • Prioritize financial goals: wants vs needs

The GRIT Factor

  • Practice grit and determination 
  • Bounce back from setbacks 
  • Cultivate a perseverance mindset

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Toolkit

  • Improve awareness and understanding of yourself 
  • Cultivate empathy and understanding of others 
  • Form relationships and build trust

Collective Brilliance

  • Expand skills to succeed in a team-based environment 
  • Foster an environment for cooperation 
  • Achieve common goals 

Becoming A Leadership Catalyst

  • Practice leadership fundamentals
  • Take action to help others
  • Discover personal leadership styles

Success Blueprint: Habits And Goals

  • Form meaningful habits
  • Set goals for success
  • Write a blueprint for successful growth

21st Century Skills For Success

  • Adapt in an ever-changing world 
  • Seize opportunities with entrepreneurship
  • Consider a broader worldview 
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