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Teaching can and should be fun.

At Paradigm Shift, we help teachers create worthwhile experiences for their students that will last a lifetime. At our sessions, you will leave refreshed, rejuvenated, and armed with strategies to use the very next day.

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Hook, Line, and Sinker

Engagement strategies in the classroom!  How do we engage 21st century learners?  How do we keep up with an evolving education sphere?  Learn  engagement  strategies,  delve  into  relationships  and rapport in a digital world.  Embed technology, music, staging, gamification,  and  passion  in  our  noble  profession! Life  is  fun;  learning should be fun too!

Untold Teaching Truths

This session is all about the untold secrets I wish I would have known when  I  started  teaching  in  2006.  The  secrets  of  a  school  building  and a classroom, the hills that some teachers die on and burn out. Some kids come from trauma, and how do you, as the adult in the room,  help  our  student  population?  Follow  me  as  we  explore  the  teachers to find and the teachers to avoid in your building.

Technology Addiction And How To Combat The Digital Heroin

This session is all about how to have balance in your classroom when it comes to technology.  Unfortunately, the cell phone, iPad, Chromebook,  smart  watches  issues  will  continue  to  arise.    How  now shall we proceed?  Come on and let’s get down to it.

Educational Experience in the Classroom

Our Educational consulting does more than talking. Our experienced  teachers  can  go  into  a  classroom  and  teach  your  class  while  you  watch.  It's  truly  professional  development  in  action. We don't just tell you what to do, we show you how in real time. Think of your new teachers with a ton of potential.

Classroom Management

This  is  an  overused  term  in  education,  but  in  reality,  your  kids  won’t  learn  unless  they  are  safe  and  engaged.    If  you  can’t  manage  them,  you  can’t  teach  them.    Learn  how  to  manage  a  classroom  full  of  kids  who  may  or  may  not  come  from  trauma  with kindness, love, and a sense of humor.

The Brain Based Classroom

Colors  matter  to  the  adolescent  brain,  movement  matters-  kids  should  never  sit  longer  than  their  age  in  minutes!    Let’s  discuss  that  underdeveloped  prefrontal  cortex  and  how  to  effectively  engage a student’s brain.

A Customized Experience

Just give us a call, and we will provide your teachers with exactly what they  need  to  better  serve  your  student  population.  We  will  plan  a  professional development that your teachers won’t soon forget!

The Family Classroom

Setting up a Family Classroom is essential in providing students a safe  place  to  express  their  thoughts,  feelings,  and  fears.  Teach  students how to speak, how to disagree respectfully, and how to be a part of a classroom family where everyone is included and celebrated. How do we reach our underserved populations?  How do we keep up with an evolving education sphere? How do you not only survive, but thrive inside of a broken education system? Let’s get down to it.

Classroom Management & Innovation

This workshop can either be a full day of hands on fun or we can pair it down to a half day of hands on fun.  An emphasis on Management and Innovation. This is a great experience and customized for new teachers, emergency certified and alternatively certified teachers or any teacher that needs a little pick me up, and refresher on how we teach post-pandemic students.

Professional Learning Communities

The Answer is in the Room! This session explores the powerful PLC  partnership within a school. Data can be necessary  in making sure all students are  learning at high levels. Analyzing  data isn’t scary, and also doesn’t mean your lessons have to be boring. Let’s relentlessly do what is best for students, and the PLC process can lead that way.
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