Nate Starr

Video Associate

Nate Starr, a graduate of Northeastern State University, is the Video Associate for Paradigm Shift. Receiving his bachelor’s degree in Arts, Nate minored in Media Studies and quickly found his passion for film, which primarily developed at a young age. However, his major hobby and first love was playing basketball anywhere and everywhere he could. School ball, AAU, pick-up games and just some backyard one-on-one was what Nate liked to do (and still does) in his free time. Starting as in intern for Paradigm Shift in the summer of 2019, Nate joined the full-time team in 2022 as the Video Associate. Nate’s depth of knowledge, raw talent in capturing the right shots, and his ability to edit videos has been a huge marketing asset for Paradigm Shift’s ability to reach a broader audience. 

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Nate Starr

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